Mother of Pearl – The History of the stone
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Mother of Pearl – The History of the stone

Mother of Pearl Shankla

Mother of Pearl – The History of the stone

The Meaning of Mother of Pearl:

Mother of Pearl - History and meaning by Shankla by PavesA protection organic gemstone, Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea. It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced. Calming and soothing to temper or feelings of fear. It enables you to more easily express feelings of love. Mother of Pearl helps with clarity in decision making and is helpful for endurance, organisation and for home life.

It signifies faith, charity, and innocence, enhances personal integrity, and helps to provide focus to ones attention. The pearl has been known as a “stone of sincerity”, bring truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause”. It has been used to inhibit boisterous behaviour, and to provide a reflection of the self such that one may see the manner in which one appears to others.

mother of pearlPearl itself is a smooth, lustrous, chiefly calcium carbonate organic gemstone. Natural pearls are nearly 100% nacre, a protective mother of pearl coating that is secreted to protect the organism for a foreign body that has entered the shell.
Natural or real pearls come mainly from oysters, although there are other bi-valve molluscs which can produce them. Almost any species of bivalve or gastropod is capable of producing pearls. However, only a few species, such as the famous pearl oysters, can create pearls which are highly prized.

Cultured pearls are produced by artificially introducing a foreign object into the fleshy part of oysters, which become coated with nacre in a similar manner to natural pearls. Imitation pearls, simulated pearls, have been produced for many years. Pearls are found in the regions of Japan, China, Tahiti, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, USA and Burma.

Pearls can be white or cream, but the colour can vary according to the natural colour of the nacre in the various species of mollusk used. Can also be black or various pastel shades. Pearls (especially freshwater pearls) can be dyed yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, purple, or black. it’s Hardness: 3.5 to 4.0.

To test if a pearl is natural, rub across your across the edge of your teeth; real pearl feels rough, simulated feel smooth.

The luminescence of Mother of Pearl has made it a most popular choice for jewelry for centuries. Mother of pearl has a special symbolism in China, where it is highly prized as a stone that attracts fortune and happiness to anyone who owns it. It is considered a good luck amulet as well, and is often given to loved ones to wish them good luck and prosperity in life.

mother.of.pearl.pendantGemstone Features:

  • Intimately connected to the sea – represents the tides of emotion An easy
  • flow of feelings and sensitivities to others Connected to family and
  • particularly motherhood Harmony in relationships The play and variety of
  • colors represent change as the beauty of existence

If You are experiencing:

  • ¬†A sense of abandonment
  • ¬†Unfulfilled emotional or physical needs from childhood
  • ¬†Difficulty feeling or expressing love
  • ¬†Out-of-balance emotions

Mother of Pearl will help you

  • Feel calmed and soothed
  • Feel nurtured by motherly love
  • Be reminded of the ocean of divine love within you¬†
  • Be protected from certain negative energies


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