Shankla @ Sisu Boutique Hotel June 2013
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Shankla @ Sisu Boutique Hotel June 2013

Shankla by Paves at Sisu Boutique Hotel In Puerto Banus

Shankla @ Sisu Boutique Hotel June 2013

Shankla made their debut at Sisu Boutique Hotel VIP Pool Party in Puerto Banus on Friday last. Sisu Boutique Hotel where the Moet Ice Pool & jacuzzi is the jewel of the Hotel consisting of a 600M2 designer decked area with a pool & 20 person jacuzzi!
Sitting amongst the combination of large leather pads, designer sun lounges and & trendy seating by the pool where the elite crowd come to chill and to party! Shankla paraded their 9 different and individually unique pieces for the first time in public.

Shankla by Pav√©s at SisuThe Shankla’s are made with semi-precious stone and 18kt gold, with a choice of three golds, yellow, white and pink gold. Each Shankla has a different meaning and are made from different stones from all over the world. Which Shankla resembles you? The Shankla’s got a fantastic reception at Sisu and generated a lot of interest among the revellers, so much so that they are partying their again this Friday! Don’t miss your chance to get one, or check our shop online and order yourself a Shankla that suits your character.

Shankla by Pav√©sOur Shankla’s come in waterproof packs so no need to worry if you are chilling in the Jacuzzi at Sissu! or going to the beach. These unique pieces are set to generate a lot of buzz this Summer, not only can you wear them at the beach, they are also perfect for any occasion. The Shankla’s are guaranteed 18kt gold and handmade in Marbella by Pav√©s¬†Joyeros in Puerto Banus.

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