Shankla at Villa Padierna

All the luxury of a Tuscan palace where you can recreate the senses and let yourself be inspired by its elegance and style.

The Villapadierna Palace Hotel is considered one of the best luxury hotels. Not in vain, in August 2010 the then First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha decided to spend a few days on vacation at this emblematic hotel. Its exquisite customer service, the golf courses, its famous Wellness, the Beach Club make the stay at Villapadierna Palace an unparalleled experience. Without forgetting of course, an obligatory visit to Villapadierna Boutique by Alicia, where the seal of the house oozes elegance and style.

Shankla By Paves

A selection of signatures from the best designers, exclusive garments, original accessories and from now on … jewelry by the hand of Shankla by Paves. A new style of jewelry without leaving aside the design and the quality of its gems.

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