This Summer, Shine for Yourself!

Diamond Shankla by Paves
Any present time is always better. And with this philosophy Shankla ® faces the summer of 2019. And never better than now to give a new touch, a turn to the Shankla ® with which everything started, back in 2013 with a collection of 27 pendants.
And it is now, summer 2019, when the classic Shankla ® comes out on the market but with a different touch, keeping the best quality semi-precious stones at the base of Shankla ®, but with a perfect setting of the “wishbone” (piece of gold on the stone ), with brilliant cut diamonds. A more exclusive touch, which looks even more to this little jewel.
Available at the numerous points of sale that Shankla ® has in Europe and the Middle East, as well as on the web
This summer shine for yourself with a different jewel!
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