Shankla® … unisex pendants and bracelets. Pieces made by hand with the best quality natural semiprecious stones and 18 carat gold. A unique, original, fresh, different jewel.

The collection of pendants offers 27 varieties (9 semiprecious stones combined in 3 different golds). The bracelet collection consists of 9 pieces (3 semi-precious stones combined in 3 golds). Each stone brings different energy benefits and are assigned from antiquity to the different zodiacal signs. Do you already know what yours is?

Shankla® is made by  Pavés , expert jewelers for more than 25 years specialized in high jewelry. In 2013, Paves Joyeros decided to include a more youthful and carefree line without losing the essence of “jewel”.

Each Shankla®  is accompanied by a totally free pack , including a small informative brochure about the qualities and properties of each of the stones, international patent number and nylon cord with gold clasp (for the pendants) all in one practice hanging bag See  the complete collection here .