The fascinating hand-crafted Shankla jewel

The fascinating hand-crafted Shankla jewel… handmade jewelery… The artisanal process used to produce a shankla has something magical about it, and our customers love hearing about this: each shankla is created by hand… Its semi-precious stones come from exotic places and are rigorously selected from all over the world. The result is a shankla unique

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Online store is now open! #Shankla in the comfort of your own home

packaging shankla jewel - shankla by paves

Online store is now open!  You can order or receive your #shankla handmade jewelery in the comfort of your own home… Just choose which one, and whether in the form of a necklace or bracelet… Visit the online store at: Shankla necklaces and bracelets, handcrafted jewels. Each Shankla offers different energies and benefits. Choose your Shankla

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LatinAngels models show off their shanklas on the Cocada catwalk at Starlite Marbella

latin angels models con shanklas - Shankla by paves

As part of an event bursting with entertainment and glamour, the catwalk at Starlite Marbella was overrun by Angels wearing their Shankla necklaces. #LatinAngels models glamorously and spectacularly flaunted their Shankla necklaces at the Cocada fashion show, which was held as part of the one and only Starlite Marbella festival. The fashion show witnessed the

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