Fresh Mint – Chrysoprasus Opaque

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As her twin sister, it has the same relaxing properties and
is considered the tenth precious stone among the twelve existing ones.

Meet Fresh Mint – Chrysoprasus Opaque


Made of CHRYSOPRASUS, Greek chrysoprasos, the tenth foundation stone of the celestial Jerusalem. It is a kind of green agate, composed mostly of silica and a small percentage of nickel.

This opaque gemstone variety of chalcedony owes its lively hue to the small quantities of nickel. Find this stone in tints ranging from apple-green to deep green. The darker varieties of chrysoprase are also referred to as prase. It also may be a reference to the wondrous fertility which is evident through heaven and earth.

Chrysoprase is an attractive gem and semi-precious stone. Chrysoprasus was used by the Greeks, Romans, and the Egyptians in jewelry and other ornamental objects and because of its semi-opaque green color, it is often mistaken for Imperial jadeite.

Chrysoprase is prized for its color and rarity and is said to be the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great. It has been known and mined in Europe since the 14th century and was extensively used in the 17th and 18th centuries to make jewelry, church utensils, Florentine mosaics, and inlays. The largest deposit now being worked is at Marlborough in Australia.

Not relegated to artsy-craftsy cottage industry jewelry makers, this verdant stone can be accented with quality diamonds, and mounted in fine karat gold. Like other opaque stones, veining and slight differences in color make this gem as unique as the designer who works it into an original design, like the flip flop pendant you see here by Shankla. Each stone is unique because of it’s mix of nickel and silica.

More and more Jewellers are seeing the wisdom in adding opaque stones to their inventory. So, customers with a yen for the unconventional yet beautiful jewel will be able to consider these stone as precious individual pieces. And since Pantone, Inc. pronounced the upbeat emerald green as the color for 2013, it’s the ideal time to wear this gem.


Stone Star signs

Opal is a 14th Anniversary gemstone
Zodiac – Gemini, Virgo
Planets – Moon
Element – Earth

♥ Love ♥ Abundance
♥ Wealth ♥ Good luck
♥ Longevity ♥ Acceptance
♥ Courage and strength
♥ Protection, security and safety
♥ Balance ♥ Harmony
♥ Generosity ♥ Appreciation of nature

According to legend, Alexander the Great always wore a girdle into battle that was embedded with a bright chrysoprase stone. On his return from a successful campaign in India, he laid aside his girdle to bathe in the Euphrates River. While the girdle lay unattended, a serpent came and bit off the stone and dropped it into the water. Alexander III didn’t win another campaign after loosing this precious talisman.

Green Chrysoprase will assist you to make use of gifts and talents you may not have been using… and elevates feelings of joy and happiness within you. It may aid healing of eye problems, as well as strengthening your eyesight. Put a Chrysoprase stone under your pillow to create restful and peaceful sleep. This green stone is known to aid hormone balancing and recuperation from illness generally. It is an excellent stone to use in combination with other healing stones… as it prepares the cells and readies them for healing.


Available in Yellow, White & Pink Gold with choice of Chain or cord