Shankla® was born out of the passion for fine jewellery making, after more than 25 years of experience on jewellery design and manufacturing Nick Yeoman decided it was time for taking a common item out of its context and convert it into a small affordable jewel with a meaning.

Shankla®, the Spanish slang word for flip-flop has been the base for the inspiration of designing a collection of 27 different gems. Each Shankla® is unique in its own way being made out of natural gemstones carefully selected by expert stone cutters. The top part of the flip-flop is the exact shape of a wishbone that according to the tradition of “sharing” since Roman times is a symbol of good fortune.

The different gemstones and the 18 kt gold wishbone make a pendant or a bracelet that have a meaning to each individual person who wear Shankla®, may it be for the fun element of fine jewellery taken out of context, may it be for the favourite colour, may it be of something new, fresh and fun, may it be a reminder of a summer and the feeling of freedom, may it be because of the stone that belongs to one’s star sign or may it be because of the properties of each gemstone. Without a doubt… There is a Shankla for you!

Both Shankla® pendants and bracelets come in a modern packaging with small brochure and patent number, all in an original hanging bag. Pendants packaging additionally includes black nylon cord with gold clasp.

All the products are accompanied by a special pack for free. See the full collection here.